All of the staff on Cempedak, except for one, are Indonesian. Combined, Nikoi and Cempedak employ over 250 staff.  With no more than 40 guests on Cempedak at any time, there are always ample staff on hand to look after guests. Many of our staff started with us during the building phase so they have a true affinity with both Nikoi and Cempedak.

A lot of effort has gone into creating a relaxed and convivial work ethic that breaks away from the traditional hotel model. The goal has been to have healthy and happy employees who take pride in their jobs. They are encouraged to learn new skills and many staff have moved from back of house to front of house roles.  A number of innovative programs have been established to help staff and their families get ahead financially.  Staff turnover is less than 10% per annum.  This has been rewarding for all of those involved.